Victoria’s Secret Coming To Al-Mamlaka Mall in Riyadh KSA – No BIG Deal!

30 Jul

Victoria’s Secret, for some reason, is hailed as the leader in bras and lingerie in the US and now they’ve come to oppress the women of Saudi Arabia. Victoria’s got a secret all right – she knows very little about good bra fitting and she has no love for the voluptuous ones!

There was a time when I belonged to the Victoria Secret society. Four babies and 10 years of breast feeding later I’d likely walk in and have the salesman (we are in Saudi Arabia, I’m assuming it will be a man.On second thought it will be in the Kingdom Mall in Riyadh, so it’s likely to be on the women’s only floor) approach me and say, “I don’t think we carry your size here.” O the horror! Victoria’s Secret stores only carry sizes 32A – 40DD.

Any full-figured woman who was delusional enough to put herself through the horror of Victoria Secret’s B-cup fantasy land knows the importance of having accessibility to undergarments designed for those who don’t fit a mannequin’s shape. Purchasing lingerie at any size can be an ordeal, and if you are large-breasted you have more than likely experienced an even bigger challenge.

Regretfully, I don’t have news of Victoria Secret coming out with a new line of bras for the full-figured consumer in Saudi Arabia.  Full figured women frequently have bra fitting issues like underwires sticking out in front or digging into underarms, cup sagging and slipping straps. Fortunately for us Get Fit Clinique, Saudi Arabia’s Premier Personalized Bra Fitting Service, offers custom fit bras that come in over 250 sizes ranging from small bra sizes to large bra sizes. Plus size bras are our speciality with cup sizes up to NN and band sizes up to 52. We feature a unique design for comfortable support without underwires, stays, gel or padding. Our custom fitted bras combine comfort and support with elegant styling, giving you a garment that makes you feel and look your best while directing your breast tissue properly.

Full figured women must have a good bra fit and comfort to look fabulous in their clothes. The standard sizing system  of measuring in the band area and around the breasts, used by Victoria’s Secret and other department and lingerie stores, don’t address all the issues of women who wear plus size bras. It is a starting point, but not the whole picture. Over 35 million of us wear size 14 and up. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 of us are wearing the wrong size bra.

Most women struggle to find a good bra because most stores stock a limited range of sizes, something like 34A – 36D, and those sizes don’t even come close to fitting everyone. Victoria’s Secret bras don’t even fit the models! Of course, salespeople won’t tell you that because it means losing a sale, so they stuff you into an ill-fitting bra and send you on your way. Meanwhile you’re left with slipping straps, sliding bands, underwires that poke, and a sneaking feeling that something is wrong with you for not fitting the mold.

Umm Adam is a professional bra fitter and founder of Get Fit Clinique – Saudi Arabia’s Premier Personalized Bra Fitting Service, who was trained by one of the best bra fitters in America, Phyllis Kruckenberg former Executive Vice President of Jeunique International. 
Call Umm Adam at 0502112608 to book your complimentary bra fitting session.

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